Aurora Police Chief Fires Officers Mocking McClain’s Death

Aurora Police Chief Fires Officers

Due to systemic problems in Aurora, CO Police department, Interim Aurora Police Chief fires officers involved with Elijah McClain’s death. Vanessa Wilson announced on Friday that three APD officers have been relieved of their duties. Erica Marrero, Jaron Jones, and Kyle Dittrich were seen on video gleefully smiling while reenacting the choke-hold. This was used to subdue and eventually kill McClain. An internal investigation of the video reveals that Marrero, Jones, and Dittrich were drinking alcohol while recording the video. Furthermore, it was on the site where McClain’s confrontation with police initially took place.

The 2019 death of 23-year-old Elijah McClain in Aurora, Colorado has sparked yet more protests for racial equality in America. The ultimate insult in the ordeal focuses on the fact that Aurora police chief fires officers involved in McClain’s death Nathan Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt, and Randy Roedema, were never charged. Recent findings have only rubbed salt into the wounds caused by McClain’s death. Elijah’s family must now endure even more hurt.

A lengthy investigation of the video was conducted by the APB. Chief Wilson fired Marrero and Dittrich 72 hours after due process disciplinary hearings were held. Jones chose to resign after the hearings. The video was also sent to Woodyard and Rosenblatt. The other two officers directly involved in the McClain incident. Woodyard was “devastated” and “disgusted” by the images in the video and deleted them. He was not terminated.

Aurora Police Officers Lack of Human Empathy

There are many things to unpack here. Making fun of an unfortunate incident resulting in a victim’s death shows a total lack of human empathy that embodies sociopathy. Law enforcement officers openly drinking alcohol and simulating the choking incident at the very site where McClain was strangled displays unbelievably poor judgment. In particular from people empowered to uphold the highest standards of moral judgment. This incident just reinforces the need for real change for Black Lives Matter movement.

To further make these points, Rosenblatt responded with “haha” when receiving the video. When speaking to investigators about the video, Rosenblatt’s response to the video was tinged with a dismissive, “let’s just move on from it” type of tone.  He was also terminated for his response to the video. Dittrich maintained that the video was made in a show of solidarity for the Team 30 section of the APB. To “cheer them up.”

Officers Fired for Mocking McClain’s Death

It appears the only law enforcement entity with any sense of inherent morality is Chief Wilson. Making light of the death of an unarmed citizen that posed absolutely no danger to law enforcement displays corruption of officers that should not be law enforcement officers anywhere. Systemic problems within the Aurora Police Department is evident when Aurora Police Chief fires officers. McClain’s death is brought to national attention. Moral empathy should be at the very fabric of every law enforcement officer. The same as every medical doctor should want all their patients to find remedies for their illness. The video mocking McClain’s death, and its subsequent indifferent reactions, should further disqualify those involved from gaining employment within law enforcement permanently.

But that will not happen. These officers will find gainful employment within a different law enforcement agency. One that is unfazed by their previous wrongdoings. They will be allowed to employ these practices if the opportunity arises. To her credit, Chief Wilson has taken action to rid her department of officers set on disgracing the standards of law enforcement. The citizens of Aurora hope that her efforts won’t be in vain in the foreseeable future.

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