What Constitutes Real Change For Black Lives Matter Movement?

Protests for Racial Equality Happening Worldwide

The Black Lives Matter Movement is about a real change. Floyd’s death sparked worldwide outrage and protests for racial equality. These are moments that many never imagined could be possible. Strangers from all walks of life marched in their local municipalities,. They were holding signs honoring George Floyd, as well as the mantra “Black Lives Matter.” Some could question the motivation of these nonblack protestors. They have absolutely nothing to gain from protesting Floyd’s death. Nonblacks would never be killed in such a fashion. Or maybe they were tired of sheltering in place due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Or, were they using Floyd’s death as an excuse to get out of the house and protest?

Real Change for Black Lives Matters

The most likely reason is that these protestors are genuinely tired. In particular of the wanton killing of black Americans by police. People want genuine change. The phrase thrown around is “holding police accountable.” That is a strawman phrase that means nothing because accountability lives under such a broad umbrella that it could mean anything. Holding police accountable should be replaced with “establishing a deterrent.” To clarify would be to harshly punish police officers that use unjustifiable force to kill black citizens. Issuing these officers lengthy prison sentences or the death penalty will send these incidents to a screeching halt.

Personal Reflection on Racism

Those that complain that police officers won’t be able to do their jobs under these restrictions need some time for self-reflection on racial equality. Police officers that use snap judgments to wantonly kill people shouldn’t be police officers. Especially since they’re causing more harm to the communities they’re sworn to protect than good. It would be interesting to see if those that support police officers that wantonly kill black people have that same enthusiasm if their loved ones ran afoul of law enforcement. Would they want the offending police officers responsible for their loved one’s death punished? Or would they continue to insist that “Blue Lives Matter” at all costs?

Minneapolis Police Use Unjustifiable Force

Let’s be clear. Most law enforcement officers are solid citizens that honor their sworn oaths to serve and protect their respective communities. And many do not. The Black Lives Matter movement is pushing to punish officers that are not living up to their oaths. For example, racial equality. Not only Floyd but Elijah McClain, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Abrey. Convicting and harshly sentencing Chauvin and the other three officers who were complicit in Floyd’s death will send a message. In particular, law enforcement uses unjustifiable force to kill black citizens. In other words, you will either serve a lengthy prison sentence or get the death penalty.  That is to say, then, and only then will these incidents cease once and for all. 

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